No remorse tattoo studio is a special place, created for all of you who want to indelibly imprint the uniqueness on your skin “without remorse”.


Michael Katirtoglou , known in the world of tattoo as BIO-MIKE born in Ilion in 1982. From his early childhood he was attracted by the art of tattoo but professionally he dealt with it in 2007. Bio Mike specializes in all tattoo styles with an emphasis on photo-realistic,surrealistic and portrait  tattoo (BLACK&GRAY AND FULL-COLOR )!!! The most interesting is that he can manage  to transform almost all your old or failed tattoos in a piece of art beyond your expectation (COVER UP). In 2011 he established NO REMORSE TATTOO studio, a studio in Marousi, which thanks to its talent and artistic flair but mainly thanks to the hundreds of satisfied tattoo lovers, has already managed to be among the most serious and important tattoo studios in the country.



Rea Armeniakou studied Iconography – Cartoonist, graduating in 2002. The following years she worked in the fashion industry ,as a graphic designer , creating decorations for clothes (silk-screen printing etc.) in some of the largest Greek garment manufacturers. At the same time undertook decorating commissions for houses and companies ,painting large dimension murals. In 2013, after many years desiring this, decided to extend to the art of tattooing .Attracted by Japanese paintings, calligraphy and tattoos, started practicing, working 3 years as an apprentice to Taki Tsan at True Love Tattoo Athens. Combining the knowledge of graphic design with her modern taste, adds to the strict traditional Japanese style a more contemporary look. Her favorite themes are samurais and geishas, and the detailed decoration of the their Kimono fabrics. Geometric patterns, flower compositions , cherry blossoms and detailed hairstyling , are some of the elements characterizing her designs.



Salvi Dening was born in Athens in 1996. She graduated from Vocational High School as graphic designer assistant in 2014. She is mainly occupated with realistic and surrealistic drawing. After years of drawing, she managed to create a unique style for her art. She is a professional piercer since she attended on piercing seminars hosted by Stratos Zampelis in 2016. Salvi Dening also believes that body piercing is something bigger, it is art, it is a way of expression. Small interventions that highlight every person’s unique style. She is now working on No Remorse (tattoo and piercing studio) as a body piercer and tattoo apprentice. She also draws tattoo blueprints for the studio.